Problems with iPhone connect to Mac via Wifi


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Sep 10, 2015
Hi all, I hope you can help me. When I am home, my iPhone (and iPad) connect fine to my MacBook Pro via WiFi - see it through Finder, do local backups, etc. However, when I travel, I never see either device in Finder no matter what I try. If I connect via cable the device shows up, the checkbox saying "connect via WiFi" is selected, but nothing! I make sure the iPhone is unlocked, I restarted Finder, I even check to make sure all devices are on the same router IP address...what is wrong? I was wondering if it's because the hotel WiFi is a "no security" Wifi, is this capability prevented, and if so where did you see that noted? Thanks!

UPDATE: I ran "Fine", and it does not seem to see any devices except the device I ran it on - other than routers. I am assuming - my 3 devices are xx.yy.79.11 and xx.yy.11.5 and xx.yy.15.183, subnet mask Might this be why I can't see/connect?
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