Problems with mac messenger 7/8 and even adium


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Apr 7, 2010
ii used mac messenger 7 first . my default msn name is "Wong" . ii changed it . but when ii log off and sign in again, some time later, my name would revert back to Wong . and this continues .

and so ii changed to Adium . but the same problem occurs . moreover, ii thought ii couldnt adapt to the new structure of Adium .
so ii changed to mac messenger 8 .

but then again, the same problem happens yet again: ii changed my name but when ii sign out and sign in again, it will become the default name again .
AND to add on to this irritating problem, when ii use mac messenger 8, ii cant change my display picture . no matter how ii try, the picture ii chose doesnt even appear in the list of default pictures . it's lik ii was choosing nothing .

anybody .. help ? :(


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Jan 25, 2009
Microsoft made changes to their servers a couple of months ago that causes the name problems.

If you're using a account so you can use your email address as your IM address you can log into and change the default name there.

I assume you can do something similar if you're using or addresses but i've no experience with them so can't say for sure.