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    Hello folks,
    I bought the server app and installed it on my 2009 old macbook pro in order to make it a mail server (and also website server for my web).
    I did everything as instructed in manuals, but I didn't managed to connect to the Exchange.
    and to be more specific:
    1. I created a user and opened mail box (for example,;
    2. I created in DNS section MX with the domain (I also created the same in my domain provider).
    when I try to add the email account I created to my iPhone or iMac it's just don't work...
    I fill in the email address and the password. after that a dialog box required from me to enter the username (which is the same username I assigned to me in the server app and the password is also the same) and internal URL and external. in both I wrote but it just don't work.

    p.s I have static IP.

    please help =]

  2. Geeky Chimp macrumors regular

    Jun 3, 2015
    When you are adding the Account to the iOS or OSX Devices what type of account are you adding? You need to select 'Other' and then choose Mail Account which will allow you to connect over IMAP & SMTP.

    OSX Server provides Mail Services through Postfix and Dovecot rather than Exchange which is Microsoft Software.

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