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    I have about 12 gmail addressees running though my Mail application, 1 Mac address and one Rogers address.

    I was using one software I loved called MAILPLANE that dealt extremely well with Gmails so I had at one point, both email programs handling all my mail but since I upgraded to the latest OSX the MAILPLANE that works with it, is newly designed and I dont like it.
    So I am back temporarily to running it all through MAIL but am encountering the same problems I have had for years when dealing with multiple addressees in any email program whether it was Mac or Windows based software.

    I find that the mail will work great for several days but then slowly one email addresses box will pop up and I will have to fill in its password, over and over even though I am doing the right one.
    That might settle down after a day or two BUT IF i ever have more than one or more than one address, as well as more than one, my main ISPs email, they will never seem to allow more than one. Forget trying to collect email for two different addresses yet i have no idea why this is so?

    I can be fine for days or even weeks but now, just like today, out of all my addresses, it will show about 5 servers offline. I can keep pressing something to put them online with Gmail but they will all pop offline again...... When I go into the settings, I will see that the password area that was fine earlier is now blank or the outgoing mail server will suddenly show itself as offline on a couple of them and the little box below you check off that says USE ONLY THIS SERVER will become unchecked and until I manually recheck it and point it towards the right server i will have problems with that account.

    I have 2 macbooks set up right now with half on one and half on another and i am sliding back and forth between the two and its just not working well ;-(

    I am stuck as to what to do.
    Do I somehow limit my email addresses to half of what I have, somehow?
    Do i forward some to one address and then somehow set it up so the person I email will reply to the original address that will then forward to the one i set it up to rather than the forwarded address......or what?

    I cant think anymore as to how to solve this dilemma.

    Is there some sort of rule whereby you can only use so many email addresses and if so, why does it work perfectly at one point but then other times several are wonky at once?

    Does anyone have any ideas of how to deal with this ongoing problem???

    I cant be the only person with so many email addresses but while at it, does anyone know WHY I am unable to use 2 addresses in one email or the same with Rogers addresses as I cant use two either in one program?
    I have tried asking Rogers this over the yeas but never once got a reasonable answer.

    Thank you!!! ;-)
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    Line of least resistance...


    I feel your pain... Over the years I've grown to despise Apple Mail, not because of its looks I think the GUI is lovely, but for me, it just keeps flaking out (not showing mails, constantly popping up with the authentication window, so on and so fourth).

    To cut a long story short I've taken to using Apple Mail for my .Mac/Mobile Me/iCloud account and GMail via Chrome for everything else... Once you get used to using GMail (which does not look as pretty) you'll find that its a much more reliable way of sending mails and also does a bit of thinking for you, for example if you write something like 'I've attached this file for you', then you forget to attach a file (which I often do) it automatically reminds you that there is no attachment, which I think is pretty neat! Now as for your numerous addresses, are they domains which you own or just separate personal email addresses? As there are two paths to go down depending on which type of addresses they are.

    Path 1. Domains which you own; you could set them up as simply Alias' of the one domain
    Path 2. Set up forwards from each personal gmail account to the one address

    That way you could just operate with the one GMail account instead of multiple, this makes sense no? You can change the 'reply to' settings so it automatically replies from the address sent to (meaning that you can keep the you want the messages to seem like they're coming from)

    Either way I must say that Apple Mail is a bit of a dud when it comes to handling GMail, not sure where the blame is there Apple or Google, but they don't seem to play nice IMHO. Though worth noting that it works brilliantly with .Mac/Mobile Me/iCloud accounts... Strange that!:p
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    Good to know that it isn't just me then!

    MailPlane worked fantastically. Maybe I will have to get used to the new one. If you haven't used it, its an email software that is specifically made for Gmail and I could have 15 gmail accounts and just hop from one through all 15 in seconds if need be.

    The new one will let me still do that but they just made a few changes to the style of it and I preferred the older style but so far i have not found anything better so I may have to go back to it and if you haven't tried it out, I would recommend it for anyone using several GMail addressees. It is $39. No way of getting around that :)

    Your idea with using Gmail on the web isn't practical for me with so many addressees for i need to constantly go into the spam folders and erase, ALL MAIL and erase.

    Signing in and out of 15 on the web will be far too time consuming but I appreciate the attempt to help on that one but if anything its just convinced me to either use MAILPLANE again or forward email as you have suggested. I will have to sit and think about the logistics of that before i set it up.

    So one question then...........any idea why I cant run two mac addressees through MAIL?

    Both myself and the hubbie each have an address but i cant run both on one software. Ive had to give one to each computer. I haven't any idea why I can't?

    And yet you can run an, a and an ALL in one program and it works???

    Or ROGERS addressess from my ISP as well. I am given 9 free addresses but its pointless as i can only run one though or the same thing happens with the extras, I keep having to reset the password in their boxes over and over again......

    Granted, even when I used OUTLOOK in Office for Windows i had the same problems but no one has yet been able to tell me why :(

    You really need to check out MAILPLANE

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