Problems with Mavericks server?

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    ok, I feel stupid. I realise now I downloaded the wrong version, and should have looked better in the developer portal. For anyone else who is having a moment of total stupidity, make sure you select the OS X Mavericks tab in the Mac dev center. Im leaving the post below just as reference.


    Im having some problems with OS X Server. Im currently running Mavericks build 13A603. I have a OS X developer account and redeemed OS X Server 2.2 from the mac app store.
    After downloading it, I noticed that the Server icon showed that the app was incompatible.
    When trying to open the server app I got the following error:

    I assumed that I had the latest version of Server:

    So should I assume I have the wrong version or what?

    Thanks in advance
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    Aug 27, 2012
    Server 2.2 is for Mountain Lion. You need to download OS X Server 3.0 from the Mac App Store. By doing a search simply for Server, it should be the first to show up.

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