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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by treehorn, Jan 17, 2011.

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    Aug 21, 2007
    I installed a new out of the box version of Media Composer 5 on my Mac and got the "You Have Reached The Maximum Allowed Activations For This Serial Number" error message when I tried to start the program after install.

    Ironically I got an email saying that my registration was confirmed.

    Just got off the phone with customer support and was told that the problem is that the program does not work with Mac OS 10.6.6 - between the time i downloaded and tested the trial version and purchased and installed the 'real' version, there was a Mac system update that doesn't work with Media Composer.

    I was told my options were either A) downgrade my system to 10.6.5 or B) wait for Avid to upgrade Media Composer (which will probably be when 10.6.7 is about to arrive). So my choices are either downgrade my system to accommodate one piece of software that I am wanting to learn and let the rest of my software suffer or let an expensive piece of software gather dust.

    Might try C) - restore on a different hard drive from a Time Machine Backup to a time when it was 10.6.5 and use that as a startup drive when I want to learn Media Composer.

    Have to say...sticking with Final Cut Pro is looking mighty good...
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    Jun 26, 2002
    Welcome to Avid ;) If you bought it, Id stick it out. Its good to have both worlds. Honestly an minor update in the professional video world such as 10.6.6 should not hinder your workflow unless of course you really need to have the most updated OS. I cant see anything in the install notes that makes the 10.6.6 that important?
    Most Avid experiences users know not to upgrade ever. Even when Avid sends out a patch I avoid it. Visit their Forum so that that you know what works and doesnt. If you have a time sensitive project you know better not to play with new installs.
    Good luck its a fun ride :)
    I have to deal with more than just Avid on some systems.
    Try running MC, Protools, FC Studio, CS5 Master and RED CineX all on one system.
    Not a smart set-up due to having to reboot using K64Enabler app all the time :p
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    Feb 13, 2009
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    So glad I can afford several (used) systems to go with my Mac Pro (It runs FCP and Logic), with a G5 for ProTools and a G4 for my admittedly prehistoric copy of Photoshop (CS3)
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    I'll expand slightly on mBox's post and say never update any software on your machine until it has been out for a few weeks. That'll give you enough to time to look around at forums and see if any show stopping bugs crop up. I remember a couple of years ago there was a QT update for iTunes that had to do w/DRM and TV shows from the iTMS but it also killed people's ability to export out of After Effects. Oops.

    I know it's hard to resist the temptation to grab updates but the latest isn't always the greatest.

    I think C is probably the best option. I personally recommend *not* having FCP and Avid on the same system drive because they typically will work better w/different versions of OS X and QT (as illustrated w/you having problems being at 10.6.6).

  5. treehorn, Jan 17, 2011
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    Thanks for the feedback (and letting me know I'm not insane :)

    I just upgraded/updated my hard drives and I think my old system drive still has 10.6.5 on well as the trial version of Media Composer that worked. Going to slap it back in and see if it works....which I'm a bit doubtful about since feedback from the Avid forum is that the system version would have no impact on activating - it would just not work/hang/ crash etc

    And since the customer service person sounded out of central casting for Outsourced...

    EDIT: In case anybody else has this problem, System 10.6.6 does seem to be the culprit, as it opened when I swapped out the drive with 10.6.6 and put in the older system drive with 10.6.5 - no activation hassle, no problems (so am figuring instead of being a backup all-around drive I'm going to uninstall all Adobe programs and Final Cut Pro and keep it as Avid-centric as possible)

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