Problems with migration assistant- please help!

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by budge9, Jul 30, 2011.

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    Good morning,

    I have just bought a new macbook pro and after initially not using migration assistant I then decided to use it via ethernet cable to get everything from my old macbook on to this new one. However in doing this it has now copied my old admin account on to this macbook pro so I now have 2 admin accounts- one that I want to use with nothing in it and my old admin one with all my files on it.

    Is there anyway I can transfer all files from my old admin account to new admin account? How can I delete an admin account (even though I have 2 of them)???
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    Apr 30, 2008
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    Several ways. One way:
    - Log into "old" admin account
    - Copy the directories and files you want into the "new" admin account's Drop Box. You can use Finder to open "/Users/newadminaccount/Public. Now drag all the things you want onto "Drop Box".
    - Log into the "new" admin account
    - Use finder to open your home ("house icon") directory, then Public, then Drop Box. The files should be there.
    - Move the directories and files into Documents, or wherever you want them.

    - Log into the "new" admin account.
    - Go to System Preferences->Accounts.
    - Click the "old" admin account name, then click the "minus sign" below the list of account names to delete it.

    Hope this helps! Regards,

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