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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by eppylito, Oct 14, 2013.

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    Oct 14, 2013
    Hello everyone.

    I have a problem with my mini displayport on my macbook pro mid 2010 with a nvidia gt 330m and the integrated intel HD graphics.

    It won't work. Almost.

    For about a year ago I recieved a minidisplayport --> HDMI -cable (not an adapter, just a cable). First time i tried it, it wouldn't work. I was on forums reading a bunch of threads, and after a while I found gfx cardstatus. That did the trick back then. For just one time. The day after it didn't work. After that point that cable would not work with my computer. It does work with other macbooks though.

    6 months ago I received an Apple Cinema HD display 23". I plugged in the minidisplay, and did not work. At that point I tried rebooting the computer into bootcamp. And as with the HDMI-cable, it worked. But only for one time.

    When I got home with the display i tried it again. And at that point, somehow, it worked. I was very happy at that point.

    The following day, I left the computer at home and when I came home I plugged in the computer to the screen, and it worked. This worked for the 2 following days as well. 6 months from that point, it have worked for about 3-4 times. This only in OSx 10.8.5.

    With bootcamp it is another story though. Sometimes when i put the computer to sleep, plug the screen in and wait for about 1 hour it will work. But only sometimes.

    Now though, the screen won't work at all.

    Fun part about the gfx-cardstatus is that I can see that the computer recognizes that I have plugged the monitor in, but still, it won't work. If I change to "use integrated card only" and then unplug the monitor, the screen will turn blue, and if I pull it back in it changes back automatically to my descrete card.

    TL;DR. I know that it's nothing wrong with the cables or the monitor. The screen works at a few occasions.

    Please help me! Thanks.
  2. alphaod macrumors Core


    Feb 9, 2008
    First off you need to push the tl;dr in the beginning... ;)

    On the Mac, to use an external monitor you have to use the dedicate GPU as it does not work with the integrated one.

    That said from the scenarios you have described, it's possible that your dGPU is faulty or the port on your computer is defective. A bad connection such as dirt or debris can also be a cause. Take a look at the connector.

    Your best bet is to take the computer into service and have a shop diagnose it.

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