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Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by macmacr, Aug 12, 2013.

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    Dec 30, 2012
    The list below are flaws I have found with Mountain Lion and would be interested in responses to these flaws.

    1) NO DVD to install Operating system. I’m sure most of you are aware that your can recover your operating system by booting using the option key. But this installation is on the operating system disk and it can be corrupted. If this type of corruption occurs you cannot reinstall your operating system without some how replacing the disk or installing a operating system via CD or USB. I am not sure how Apple handles these issues

    2) Mountain Lion does not display installed updates in a single identifiable view. This existed in Snow Leopard. As with Windows and Ubuntu operating systems you should always be able to clearly identify updates on your running operating system so you can determine if any needed updates are missing.

    3) Firewall off by default. Many new users probably are not aware they Mac has a Firewall and have never turned the Firewall on. I cannot conceive of a reason the firewall should be off by default.

    4) The built in PPTP VPN by default does not tunnel data through the PPTP VPN. This definitely makes no sense. If you create a VPN PPTP tunnel you want your information running through the tunnel by default. What makes this flaw particularly bad is that if you create a PPTP VPN and do not check "send all traffic over the vpn connection" It will appear you VPN tunnel is working when you are running through the unencrypted network.
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    I can address 1) and 2) for you.

    1) If you have a completely dead drive and pop in a new one, the system firmware has the ability to pull down the entire OS over the Internet from Apple's servers and do a reinstall. Give this a read, particularly the part about Internet Recovery.

    2) If you click the Apple at the top left of your screen then About this Mac... then Moe info... then System Report... then scroll down the left side to Software/Installations you will see a list of all updates you have installed.
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    Weaselboy is spot on with the first two. I would only add that Apple has a nice support article as well that covers Internet Recovery as well as a secondary document that outlines models with updates available to enable Internet Recovery.

    3) The Mac OS' intended major audience prefers simplicity with a minimal amount of pop ups and warnings. When the firewall is enabled it's true that you are indeed exercising more caution and creating a more secure environment however you do so at the expense of repeated alerts to allow/deny connections. Macs also like to "talk" to one another through bonjour, ARD, etc. This creates one more step in the "easy to setup" chain when you have to dig into System Preferences and add something else to the whitelist. So, not really a technical reason but a decision made as they consider what the majority of their user's will prefer.

    Sidenote, in several years of providing dedicated Mac support in multiple environments the only firewall complaints or issues I've come across have either been when users inadvertently flipped it on and found themselves subjected to lots of new alert windows or when security minded people flipped it on and then felt threatened by all of the different connections (I can only recall two times when something wasn't legit) that were being made every few minutes.
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    Pointing out to your first so called flaw...

    Reinstalling using a USB thumb drive (Disk Maker Program-Real simple) is a blessing for me. It's faster than doing it via downloading from Apples site, so this is not a flaw, but a cost saving for Apple, and a nice faster way of reinstalling the OS for us. Only downside is the small cost of a USB thumb drive.

    Lion DiskMaker ( US Or French ) 2.02 version

    Number #3 with the firewall off by default.....

    As simple as this may be, there is a Manual to read up on for all, and this is how I learned about how to turn on the Firewall. To you its an oversight, but it was no issue for most with half a brain that should read the manual. Learn something new everyday :D ;)
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    REsponse to item 2 Updates

    I have enclosed a view of the installation section which shows all installed applications with no distinguishing identification between updates. Snow leopard gave a clear list of updates. See enclosed.

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    Lion diskmaker not official

    1) Lion Diskmaker is not official from apple and iot should since Apple created the Operating system.

    3) The Firewall when turned on will prompt you for any applications that requires further ports open on the Firewall. State any applciations that does not function when the Mac OS Firewall is active?
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    If you do a fresh install of Mountain Lion and look in that list, you would see that it is empty. So anything there was either an update or an app installed since you got the machine.

    I agree Apple should provide an official method for doing this, but they don't. I offered a free solution that myself hundreds of forum users here have used with no problem. If you do not wish to use it, then don't.
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    LION DISKMAKER just works. Has been used by god only knows how many. Been using it for a couple of years now, no issues. So what is your point about it not being official ?

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