problems with my 250gb flash drive and 2tb drive

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by alan partridge9, Feb 1, 2013.

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    Feb 1, 2013
    I would really appreciate some help! I have an Imac with 2 internal drives, HD1 is the flash drive with 250gb and HD2 with 2TB - i also have an external drive g-raid 4tb - my 250gb flash drive is now full, i cannot add photos or music, my itunes library wont play as i get exclamation marks telling me the files are elsewhere - what have i done?

    i cannot enjoy my machine and I am little lost, i really need someones help,
    the flash drive seems to be the default drive whenever i had new photos/music and i want this to change to the larger 2tb drive after i have learnt how to move the files over ,

    i have copied the photos and music folders to the 4tb drive with the aim of deleting it on the flash drive but it says i cannot delete as ‘required by osx

    i am going to get myself in a mess if i carry on - someone educate me pls, in simple terms which i can follow, this is my first ever post/reach out for help, thanks,
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    For iTunes it is simple, you can set the working directory in iTunes preferences, so, copy the iTunes folder to the other disk and set the path in iTunes Preferences, that's all here.

    iPhoto does not have it on my version of OS X (10.5.8) it might be on yours so first look into iPhoto's preferences if you can set the working directory there, if not there are other ways.
    Like this:
    Copy the iPhoto folder to the other disk and then make a symlink or Alias of it and place it in the ~/Pictures folder.
    This way the originals are on the other HD but are linked to the normal position.

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