Problems with Nikon S7c


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Jun 26, 2006

I just bought a Nikon S7c from my local store. I was pretty excited about it because the store saleman told me what a great camera it is. I am pretty happy with it except for one problem. Whenever I take pictures indoors, the picture never turns out. The picture is VERY grainy. I never can seem to get a decent picture to turn out indoors.
Is this a problem with this model camera or do I need to change my settings? I have pretty much everything set to automatic right now.

thanks for any help and advice.

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May 15, 2007
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Perhaps since you're shooting full auto and indoors.. if the light isn't bright enough, you camera is raising the ISO, causing "noise" or a grainy look. Look at the EXIF info and see what the ISO is on the pictures you've taken :)


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Jan 12, 2005
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Are you taking photos with or without the flash?

Without flash, as the previous poster has mentioned, your camera will increase its sensitivity and you'll end up with image noise. Ultra compact cameras typically perform quite poorly at higher sensitivities due to their small sensors.

If you are using the flash then you need to ensure that your subject is within its range. According to Nikon's web site, the S7's weak flash has a range of only 2.6m and it may have to raise the sensitivity to achieve even that. If you have the sensitivity set to ISO100 then you may find that the flash range is less than 1.5m.


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Aug 5, 2004
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I like to use the b/w image mode when I know there will be lots of noise due to shooting indoors at a concert.

try using the b/w mode, it might help