Problems with OS 9.2.1


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Sep 9, 2001
New Zealand
Hey guys

have anybody experienced this annoying problems with the new OS 9.2.1 like dialing in any time for no reason and you can't make your Mac sleep?

I tried everything. From de-check "connect automatic when TCP/IP applications" to disable all schedules for Norton, software update, and so on. Still it dials in, what really frighten me. When this happen, I can't do anything and have to wait until the connection is established.

Does anybody know a solution for this problem? I know some of you experience the same. And I don't want to down great my system. OS 9.2.1. After all, it's good and fast.


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May 9, 2001
My problem is other

When my computer goes to sleep mode, a very anoying tone comes from the front speaker (even I got the audio out put connected to my stereo).

That is happening after the upgrade.

Does any body else have that problem?


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Jun 18, 2001
WestCost, USA
I havent seen those before

What happens onec your computer dials in? Who is it trying to connect to? I have never been happy with the OS sleep function. I turn off the CPU sleep and HD run-down. I just juse the monitor sleep. Some Appleications are not compatable with sleep mode. So your CPU will not go into it if you are using these apps. I just turn it off. I had problems before with older OS's and my Mac not waking up!


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Aug 3, 2001
Hmmm, I have been having sleep problems.

My Cube ever since I installed 9.2.1 has not been good on sleep. Before with 9.1 it worked like a charm, only thing I had to worry about was MS extensions, I had to delete or Turn off the MS extensions. Finally an Apple that has good taste! Lols, I hate MS, and just so peeps don't think I am just being biased against MS, whenever I turn them off or delete It works great.


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Sep 12, 2001
Remove extension

I had several problems with Mac OS 9.2.1 and I found a solution: you have to remove the SerialShimLib from your extension folder. This extension is useless and is creating bugs with your computer! Before you remove it, just initialize the PRAM!!!! (5 times)
My question is: has anybody heard about an extension called TimeBandit? is it a virus? I have serious problem with my clocks on my iBook 366 ES (no firewire) when I pass from OS X to Classic: the clock is never keeping the right time. Do I have to change the internal battery?

T'hain Esh Kelch

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Aug 5, 2001

Timebandit is a hoax...It was an extension wich appeared on the internet 6 months ago or so, and the creator said that it would do something quite good. (Can't remember what, something with the RAM if I im right) -But instead of doing what it was supposed to, it actually made the inputs from the keyboard to become messed up from time to time. (According to someone) I had this extension installed for 2 months, and didnt do anything. (At least, not what I noticed)
So throw it out.. :)
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