Problems with Preview?


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Mar 16, 2020
Hello all..... Newbie here hope I posted in the correct spot.
I'm running High Serria (10.13) on my desktop iMac. I have a PDF file when I open it with Preview is drops the upper left logo. When I open it with Adobe Acrobat Reader the logo displays like it should (see attached samples). I tried so many fixes and even reinstalled the OS all to no avail. This is driving me crazy so if you can help I'd appreciate it. Thanks. Ray Olson



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Jul 30, 2003
Yes, I have seen a few PDFs that just won't display properly on anything other than "native" Adobe apps.
As you have seen, the corner logo graphic won't display in Preview, but shows in Acrobat Reader.
Probably some kind of incompatibility with that graphic format, whatever it is.

So, that's your "fix": Use Reader for that PDF. There's no way, AFAIK, to force a non-Adobe app to be 100% compatible.
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