Problems with quickpwn and winpwn iphone 3G.

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by MATTHEWLONG, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. MATTHEWLONG macrumors newbie

    Jun 30, 2008
    This is just a bit of info from my jailbreaking last night that I thought I would mention (sorry if its been mentioned before). I originally jailbroke my 2.0.1 16gb 3G and all went well. The release of 2.0.2 came out and I decided to upgrade the firmware through itunes and just lose the apps i had as there werent many. I had already taken a back up, so I installed 2.0.2 and restored my info onto the phone. Yesterday I decided to jailbreak 2.0.2 but I just couldnt get it to go past the pineapple logo. I then tried winpwn and again no luck, stuck in boot up. After three or 4 goes at this and a bit of nervousness as to what I was going to do if all went wrong, I decided to put a fresh copy of 2.0.2 on and not restore. Bingo!, jailbroken first time (I did it again just to make sure it wasnt a one off and all is fine). Dont know if this will help anyone having issues out there.

  2. kevied123 macrumors newbie

    Sep 4, 2008
    I Winpwned my iphone 3g 2.0.2.... and everything worked fine but now everytime i plug it into itunes it asks to be restored. soo i restored it and the same thing came up... the "set up your iphone menu" so i restored it again.. and once again it says it was successful... then once the phone starts back up again it goes back to restore... what should i do?
  3. bigscotal macrumors 6502


    Jun 26, 2008
    If it is the same "problem" I was having, I thought I was going to be stuck in a continual loop with itunes continually asking if I wanted to restore the phone from a previous backup, or set it up as a new phone?

    If that's the case, what worked for me was Jailbreak the handset, restore it from your backup to get all your settings etc back, then when you arrive back at the "Do you want to set the phone up as a new phone" etc, just say yes this time. Rename your phone to whatever you want and proceed. The phone should probably sync after that, but I just cancelled the sync and it seemed to be fine after that. Didn't lose any of my settings or anything, and didn't ask how to set it up again.

    Same procedure worked for a friend yesterday as well.

  4. lavrishevo macrumors 68000


    Jan 9, 2007
    Guys, you NEVER want to restore a backup from a previous jailbroken firmware! Always set up as new to avoid instability and installing old jailbreak files. When you setup as new it will sync all your info again just like a backup restore except any old junk you don't want on the phone. Once you setup as new iTunes no longer ask and ask's to restore.
  5. goombah88 macrumors member

    Aug 6, 2008

    if that is the case then how come the Dev Team, Big Boss, etc. all put in their guides/instructions to restore from a backup after restoring the jailbroken firmware in iTunes? you would think that these people would know (especially the Dev Team since they made pwnage) the right way to do it.

    just my $0.02.

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