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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Chasealicious, Jul 19, 2007.

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    May 6, 2005
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    A little over a year ago, I installed the Screen Spanning Doctor hack on my Rev. B iMac G5. (2Ghz, 17", 128MB Radeon 1600, no iSight)

    I used the machine with a second monitor for the full year with no problems, everything worked perfectly. Now I'm wanting to go back to just the built-in display, and things are acting ANNOYINGLY weird.

    The problem: randomly, with no identifiable cause, the iMac's built in display will automatically go to black and come back up in 800x600 resolution, only utilizing a small rectangularish portion in the middle of the display. All the windows will be cramped. This happens without any adapters plugged into the machine at all; the VGA out port is empty.

    The only way I can fix it is by plugging the VGA adapter into the machine, which causes the display to refresh but not change resolution, and then unplugging it, which sends it back to the regular 1400x900.

    I've used the Screen Spanning Doctor in reverse mode to "undo" itself with no luck, I've also zapped the PRAM. No dice.

  2. remmy macrumors 6502a

    Jul 1, 2007
    Hope this is not too late...

    Just got the little software yesterday, wished i had found it along time ago anyway...

    You should be able to change the screen resolution in system preferences, displays.

    Ive also ticked the show display in menu box so its a bit quicker than opening preferences again.

    apart from that i cant think of anything else
  3. djhart macrumors newbie

    Jul 20, 2007
    Also having Screen Spanning Doctor problems

    Strange problems for me too, if anyone can help it would be very much appreciated. Just installed SSD on my 12" 1.33 GHz ibook G4. Super cool at first - saw the unlocked resolutions and changed to 1920x1080. Then decided it would be interesting to see the 90* rotation view. BIG mistake. did not work- screen looked weird then went blank. had to shut down and restart without external monitor connected in order to see anything but a blank, grey, blue, or weird screen. now I cannot even get the regular mirror setting to work- no external monitor viewing at all. 1) won't recognize external display unless I restart with it already connected. 2) even then, only shows blue screen (color of my desktop) but nothing else anywhere to be found. 3) with Screen Spanning Doctor enabled, still get weird looking screen - external display still appears rotated 90 degrees based on mouse pointer movements, but cannot see anything except gray hash. Tried disabling ScreenSpanningDoctor, deleting it from trash, resetting PRAM and NVRAM (unless they did not reset for some reason though I followed apple's instructions), and repaired disk permissions. Still same situation. Would be thrilled to get settings back as if I never installed SSD. Please help. Thank you.

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