Problems with SendFile, Ebook, VoiceNote, bzip and UnZip

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by szlaeyer, Dec 24, 2007.

  1. szlaeyer macrumors newbie

    Dec 24, 2007

    I bought my 1.1.2 8Gb iPhone a few days ago, so I'm quite the noob. I think that the phone was jailbroken because I can install applications with Installer... (Am I right?)

    So, I've installed the download plug-in for Safari, MobileFinder, SMSD, Scummvm (the games work just fine! :p) and so on. I've read many posts on hackint0sh and I even managed to make the phone play downloaded mp3 files with iPod so I was pretty confident that I can handle myself as long as I read enough on the www.

    However, a few apps refuse to function corectly. While Erica Sadun's PDFViewer and SendSong work perfectly, SendFile only let`s me listen to an audio file and that's it. I can`t send any files even though I placed them in the correct folder.

    VoiceNote says that I'm recording, but when I play the file back... nothing plays and all the files it creates are very small (few kbytes).

    Ebook sees that I have downloaded books on my iPhone but when I try to open them it "thinks" a little, like "operation in progress", and then returns to the Summerboard - SendFile does the same thing, except that it plays back mp3s as I already mentioned.

    I've also downloaded a few zip files and thougth it would be nice to unzip them directly on the iPhone. For that purpose I've downloaded bzip and unzip, but no new icons appear and I don't know how to run them.

    Do all these faults have a connection to the fact that some of the apps (I don't remember exactly) required the path to be changed to /var/root/bin? - something I didn't know how to do...

    Please, if you have the patience, explain me what should I do, because I'm simply amazed by the versatility of the iPhone and I'd really like it should all the apps function properly.

    And one last note: I've installed iFuntastic as well and it says the phone is shackled... could that be the problem? And if that is the case why was I able to install many apps?

    Please help!!!!

    Thank you.
  2. brando88 macrumors 6502

    Nov 13, 2007
    If you have the installer, then yes it is jailbroken. Are you running on ATT?

    Im betting a full restore and jailbreak would fix everything, but lets try to fix it without taking that much time...

    I would try uninstalling and re-installing the e-books app, because it works fine for me, same with Vnotes.

    Im pretty sure that the the Moyahsi zip and unzip apps are command line, so unless you feel comfortable with typing in the terminal, I'd stay away.

    I also have the crashing problem on send file. I think that it just needs to be re-patched to work with 1.1.2 (I am going to fire an email over to erica sadun right now)

    May I suggest DropCopy for playing downloaded Mp3's, the "quicklook" feature is great, and it's built to work with PDF viewer.

    The PATH /var/root/bin is where the Moyashi executables are saved on the phone.

    I've never used iFuntastic, I don't see the need. If you want to restore and re-jailbreak it there are updated directions on my site.
  3. szlaeyer thread starter macrumors newbie

    Dec 24, 2007

    Thanks so much Brando for your answer!

    I'm running Orange not AT&T because I'm in Romania.

    About reinstalling: well, I've tried that with eBooks and Vnote... I'll try it again, but if it doesn't work, what then? I'll take a look at your website and if it's not too "scary" :D I'll do the jailbreak again... Maybe you can tell what NOT to do because I really don't want to end up locking the phone for good...

    I've installed DropCopy; it was an earlier version. I hear now that there is a new beta version: do you happen to know if it's 0.4b?

    I wouldn't mind getting dirty with the Terminal and UNIX in general, but I dindn't find any good documents to start learning it. Could you help me with that as well? ;)

    Thank you once again and Merry Christmas,


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