Problems with wireless Internet connection

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by Veldek, Apr 5, 2007.

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    Mar 29, 2003
    Hi everyone,

    I had huge problems with my Mac the last days, so I decided to do a reinstall. It didn't help, but I found out later that I have a broken RAM module which was causing all the problems.

    Now whenever I want to connect to the Internet with my Aiport Extreme Base station, I can't. It's just telling me it's searching for the PPPoE host (edit: or exchanging data with PPPoE), while I can connect via Ethernet just fine. I'm using the same login and password, which I double-checked.

    What's also strange is that since the reinstall, I can't use WPA2 anymore. The option isn't included when I select the security method through Airport Admin Utility.

    Any ideas?

    Edit2: Hmm, now I also have problems with the Ethernet connection. It only works in 10% of all cases. But it still works sometimes. This is really frustrating. Although I begin to believe that the reinstall caused all this to happen. But I'm not sure if another one would help...

    Last Edit: Going back to the standard firmware (5.5.1) through Airport Admin Utility solved the problem about the Internet connection. I still can't use WPA2, but this isn't such a big problem yet.
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    wish i could help you out man. Best of luck to you though.

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