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    Aug 7, 2006

    Apple Store just delivered my first Mac, a MacBook, and I got some problems. It came with Mac OS Leopard or something installed if that's important.

    I tried to install Microsoft Office but it didn't work. Office 2003 shows up on the Dekstop but the installer does not work. I tried it with a PC and it worked so I know the disc is not torn.

    When I close an application, it doesn't shut down. The application is still viewable when switching between other applications. Is there any way to shut down applications? I had to restart the whole machine to shut them down.

    Another weird thing is that the green fill screen button does not work. Windows are resized but they do not fill the whole screen. Why?

    I couldn't find Internet Explorer. Is that installed or do I have to download it?

    I was told that Mac OS is based upon Linux. What does that mean? I don't know anything about Linux except that they got a penguin as symbol and I haven't seen any penguins in this Mac.

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    Firstly, forget what you know about Windows. You have OS X Tiger on your MacBook and it's completely different in many ways, so try and defy the urge to do everything exactly like you did it before.

    Office for Mac is a separate product. You can't just install the PC version, you need to buy the Mac version.

    Press the Apple key and Q to completely quit an application. It can pay to leave things like web browsers 'open' so they fire up nice and quickly when you click them unless you don't have a lot of RAM (ie 512MB... think about having at least 1GB).

    I've never really used the green button on Windows, I just drag them to whatever size I want, so I can't help you there I'm afraid.

    IE isn't made for Mac anymore. Use Firefox, Camino etc or just stick with Safari.

    Mac OS X is based on Unix. If you don't know anything about Unix or how to use it then it's best to ignore that fact for now :)

    Enjoy your new computer.
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    elisha cuthbert

    Feb 25, 2006
    i think you mean tiger not leopard
    you cannot install a windows version of microsoft office on to a mac only a mac version.
    safari is the default web browser, it is usually 3rd or 4th on the dock
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    You'll need a Mac version of office - the PC version will not work.

    To close an application, select Quit from the application's menu (top left of the screen, between the blue apple and the file menu). Applications don't quit on a Mac if you close their windows like they do on a PC.

    The green button is meant to maximise to a size that is appropriate for the appllcation - it isn't a 'full screen' button - you'll get used to it - most mac users don't have their windows maximised. It's a different way of working than a PC.

    Internet explorer - use Safari instead. It's the Mac version of a broswer, and it's quite nice. You can also download Firefox, and there's lots of other browsers out there if you can't get on with either of these.

    Mac OS is based on Unix, and Linux is also based on Unix. The two are similar, but you won't find any linux stuff on a Mac.
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    Jan 5, 2005
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    Uh huh
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    Jul 4, 2005
    I hope this isn't a pisstake because I'm going to answer all your questions. If you're trolling I'm gonna be mad.

    You're trying to install a Windows version of Office - you need a Mac version. Office:mac 2004 is the most recent version. You could install Windows on your MacBook and use the Windows version of Office but the current Mac version is better in my opinion. Why did you think you could install a Windows program on a Mac?

    When you say "close an app" I assume you mean "close the app's window." Now, you have to realise that what you do on a Mac is exactly what you appear to be doing, closing the window for an App is not the same as closing the app. Mac OSX has an awesome memory management scheme that means it's often easier to just close an app's window and leave it running in the background - using very little system resources - and have it available almost instantly when you next need it. To close an app either close it from the menu bar or using command-Q.

    The green button isn't a "fill screen" button, why would you think that? The green button is a "zoom" button, it expands the window to the size it needs to be to display all the information - any bigger is just wasting space. This is so you can more effectively multi-task, why have one big window for Safari and one big window for Word when you can have the open next to each other and displaying the same information? You can drag stuff to other apps, have more applications visible and all sorts of good stuff when you don't open a window to full screen.

    This is the question that makes me think you're having a lend of us. Internet Explorer is a terrible browser and shouldn't be used by anyone. Microsoft ended development of the Mac version of IE almost 5 years ago. You should be using Safari or Firefox or Camino or Opera or any other browser. I use Safari and occasionally Camino.

    OSX isn't based on Linux, it's based on UNIX, Linux is a variant of UNIX that has many different "flavours." UNIX is a very stable, secure and highly configurable basis for an operating system.

    I really hope you aren't taking the piss because this took me ages to write.
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    Oh, and congratulations on your new MacBook. It might take a bit of getting used to after using a PC, but you're going to love it.

    Welcome to MacRumors as well.
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    [edit] guess all questions have been answered... [/edit]
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    Aug 7, 2006
    I have never used a Mac before so I didn't know this. I guess I was confused by the ad when the "mac" and the "pc" says "we both run Microsoft Office". I thought they would run the same Office.

    So you mean that in Windows the windows are like small independent applications and in Mac OS the application has some or none windows?

    That sounds really nice. I haven't thought about it but it's a much better way of using windows than fill screen in Windows.

    5 years!? Okey, I got it. I will take a look att Safari.

    This forum is great. I haven't learnt this much in years. Thank you so much all of you. I'l get back to you if I have any other questions.

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