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    I am unable to find a person or an email address to send this to. Can anyone help?:(

    I bought Procare because we are here part of the year (FL, USA) and elsehere as well. My favorite Apple guru is based in Asia so when in the USA I need to surf the support site and discussions to find solutions. So as a backup I bought Procare in July 2007.

    Since then I have made 2 back to back appointments (Wed 28th Aug 1:30 and 1:45pm - Apple Shop @ St John's Tpwn Center, Jacksonville, FL) for a tune up for my Powerbook and to have one of the geniuses check out my new MacBook (basically the cursor behaves erratically ad sometimes the keys feel 'dead').

    I got to my appointment and only one solitary genious was attending to customers. He was occupied with a previous customer and so I had to wait. During my wait and during my appointments he also had to field requests from other people.

    It would seem that Apple needs to station more geniuses (genii?) based on the appointment schedule and store traffic so that (1) appointments are kept (else it makes a mockery of making an appointment, Procare or not, (2) the genius at the bar does not get distracted from what he is doing, (3) customers with appointments don't get the "bum's rush".

    What is the point of Procare when there is NO priority in service? This is surprising, shocking in fact, when generally Apple promotes itself as being people friendly.

    I was told that it would take 24-48 hours for my Powerbook's tune up and was given a sheet on which the serial number was barely legible. Apparently, Procare customers have priority in repair/service but I do not see this because it is46 hours since I left my Powerbook and I have no real indication of when it will be ready for collection.

    I could not find anything to help me find out when I could collect my Powerbook and send in my MacBook for the top case replacement (which the genius diagnosed as the source of my crazy cursor and keyboard).

    So I called the store telephone number and was eventually routed to a foreign accented lady. She eventually came back after contacting the St Johns Town Center (Jacksonville, FL) store - the message from the store was that the Powerbook was currently being worked on and would be ready in a few hours' time and that the store would call.

    (When I raised the issue that I could not find the status of my tune up, she said that as it was not a repair I did not get a repair number!)

    When I finally get my Powerbook back, I guess I will have to wait for my MacBook to have the top case replaced. The actual replacement should not take too long - provided that Procare does stand for something.

    (The 3 items on the sheet of Procare paper - hardware test, hard disk optimization, anti virus do not take very long to run; certainly less than 48 hours! It would seem that APPLE expect alls customers to have spare computers to use while they keep the computers in the store?)

    Or maybe one just needs a pal in the Apple Shop to speed things up?

    APPLE needs to provide decent after sales service and to learn to communicate with customers.

    It is now 9:45pm Fri, 31st August and I still have not heard from APPLE for a tune up that was to be completed within 48 hours!
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    More about my Procare experience

    Well, I finally called the Apple Shop @ St John's Town Center and was informed that my Powerbook was ready fr collection. Despite the Genius saying (at my visit on Wednesday) that I could drop my Macbook in for the top casing and keyboard to be replaced, I was told I had to make an appointment to drop it in!

    Also despite him saying on Wednesday that they had stock of the spares, I discovered after checking in that they had to order the parts. Does this mean Apple are having problems with the quality of their top cases and keyboards on the Macbook?

    When I enquired why they had not called me after my Powerbook was tuned, I was told that they had a different telephone number on their computer than the one clearly written on the document on which I filled in name and phone number (and the Genius wrote the serial no. Incidentally he wrote the number so poorly we could not mak it out!).

    Next part of this saga will continue as I will probably have to call and chae for the parts and then schedule an appointment to send in my Macbook!

    Certainly the after sales support does not match Apple's hype and sales/marketing efforts. Tis a shame - they should take a page (more!) from Lexus' playbook!:rolleyes:

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