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    I'm currently learning all about process mapping at work because I have been given the task of refining the service our department provides within the health system.

    First and foremost, can anyone recommend any software for the Mac which is good for this purpose? Secondly, is there compatible, or at least, comparable software I can use on Windows XP at work?

    Any other tips or information about process mapping and your experiences with it would be very welcome (unless of course, it's just to say it's a waste of time).

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    I use OmniGraffle for this, the closest equivalent in Windows is Visio, and the OmniGraffle Pro version has some Visio import/export options (which I've never tried). If you want you could also use Powerpoint/Keynote, but OmniGraffle will be much easier to use
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    OmniGrafffle, OmniGraffle, OmniGraffle. Those are the three options I'd recommend. I run a business process/performance management consulting firm and we've moved everything to OG - it is that good. Very easy to build "swimlanes" (as a layer) and do all sorts of overlays that are more difficult (and - honestly - uglier) in Visio. We even designed some web-based automated process mapping/analytics software we built to generate flowchart code that can be read by OG.

    Buy OmniGraffle and don't look back!
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    Apr 13, 2012
    Any new Process Mapping SW awailable


    Are there any specialised tools like the one from Bizagi available. I have not tried OG. But what I need is certainly more than Visio.
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    Having done a lot of process mapping, here are my thoughts:

    Simple flows can be done quite nicely in Keynote or PowerPoint. Once you start getting very complex with swim lanes that need to stay aligned, many steps or complex flows you'll need a mapping program.

    Will you have to exchange files with PC users? If that is the case, the only real choice is software that is available on both platforms. Despite claims of import export I have found subtle conversion issues crop up that are a pain to fix and piss off the file's recipients. In that case, I recommend either PowerPoint or running Visio in Parallels or another VM. I do Visio in Parallels and am very happy with the result. I'd love to migrate to OG but have clients that need Visio files and I can't afford to have them get files that are not 100% perfect each time. If you are the only user or an all mac shop then check out OG.

    If you plan to later add computational items to the flows - such as take data and convert it to turnaround times be sure your flow charting software can handle that. Visio does it as I recall (been a while since I needed that capability); not sure about OG but one of their users can weigh in.

    On the actual mapping part, start with major activities and build out the subprocess as separate diagrams. That avoids having one huge, confusing flow and m,aces it easier to explain and analyze what is happening.
    Develop a dictionary to define what each shape means - there are standard ones but you may need special ones for unique activities in health care - such as when a clinician provides medication to a patient; or when you turf someone to another department. That makes it easier for people to put the diagram in context by letting them see their touch points in the process.


    Tell us more.
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    I took the plunge for OmniGraffle, the pro version can read/write Visio files and its the most robust solution for OSX. There's others out there and I tried a bunch of different flow charting apps but none can compare to Omnigraffle.
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    Wow - it's been a while... The software was/is designed to sort of "virally" map business processes rather than forcing everyone to sit in a room while a facilitator flows the process out on paper. One user defining the first step, adds details, then tells the app who receives the output of the step (one or many people), those people add their info, etc. The system the generates a flowchart of the databased process info and allows you to add all sorts of performance info (goals, cycle time, throughput, etc). The flowchart is formatted in the "DOT" language which you can suck right into OmniGraffle and the lay it out however you want.

    I haven't really been focused on selling the software these days, but here's a little more info (look under the processes area):

    Note - I still recommend OmniGraffle for process flows for a single user.
  8. MathRulz macrumors regular

    Apr 15, 2011
    Do View

    Do View software may be of interest. It comes from the evaluation arena. Both Mac and PC versions. It is focused on outcome modeling or program logic modeling. I know this isn't the same as process modeling, but it may be a very useful additional tool.
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    Aug 14, 2009
    Looks interesting. I've done a lot of work around process mapping, strategic planning and performance measurement as well as a little Balridge so I'm always curios to see what tools are out there.

    I agree with your comment that OG is great for single users.
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    Business Process Modeling software for Apple Mac OS X

    I believe this is what you are looking for:

    The AccuProcess Modeler works on both Windows and Mac and it enables not just process design but also business rules documentation and process simulation.

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