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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by TEBnewyork, Apr 20, 2015.

  1. TEBnewyork macrumors regular

    Jun 13, 2009
    Very strange my Amex was charged and my watch moved to preparing for shipment around 3PM. Just went in to check on accessories and my watch is now back at processing.

    Anyone else see this happen?
  2. ozziegn macrumors 6502a


    Aug 16, 2007
    Central FL Area
    Nope. My CC has been charged along with preparing for shipment status. This is for both orders I placed at 3:03am on the 10th.
  3. apple-junkie macrumors newbie

    Apr 19, 2015
    My order has done the same thing, bounced from processing to preparing to ship back to processing.
  4. Psypher macrumors member

    Jul 14, 2008
    Mine just did the same thing. It's a roller coaster ride.
  5. AreYouIn? macrumors 6502a


    Jun 9, 2009
    Mine has as well. My card still has the pending full charge.
  6. AKRowdy macrumors regular

    Nov 2, 2011
    Yes me too but there is already a thread for this…

    Regardless, apple is just trolling us right now and **** if it isn't working:(
  7. Tianziwansui macrumors newbie

    May 26, 2012

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