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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Umbreus, Apr 15, 2012.

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    I'm new to the forums, so I don't know what to expect on here...

    I'm trying to find a good processor to replace the old 400 mHz Processor in the Power Mac G4 "Graphite" edition. The model codename is "Yikes!" So, like I said I need a processor and I honestly have no idea where to turn. Thoughts and other help would be appreciated. :)

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    There were upgrades made up to G4 1 GHz and G3 1.1GHz for your Yikes and the two G3 towers before them. The Beige G3, B&W G3 and Yikes G4 all have the same ZIF (zero insertion force) CPU socket.

    Any G4 upgrade of 700MHz or higher will lower the 100MHz bus in your Yikes to 66MHz. IMO the best way to go is a G4 600MHz as it will keep the bus at 100MHz. It may only be a 200MHz boost but thats 50% more than now so it's a worthwhile upgrade. I bet you could find one for under 100 but it will be hard to find one.

    You could buy a Sawtooth for the same or less and would then have AGP graphics and the ability to use a much wider range of CPU's. I see 1 - 1.5 GHz 7455 on ebay for around 100. Even though the Sawtooth have the same 100MHz bus speed they have approx. 3x the the memory and logic board speed of the Yikes. The Yikes is also limited to 1GB RAM vs. 2GB on a Sawtooth. Tubabug (legendary ebay memory store) sells 4x 512MB for it @ only $27-30.

    The computer you currently have is very crippled in terms of how far it can be upgraded. Investing only 50-80 extra gives you a much more expandable base to start from. Some things to think about and make the best choice for you.
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    A sawtooth or Digital Audio would defiantly be the way to go

    I have owned a few 400mhz Yikes machines. The advice is correct, the board arch really holds these back. I found with the 2 that I owned, even with maxed ram and better hd's they seem sluggish no matter what I tried.

    Shortly after acquiring my second Yikes, I was lucky enough to score a Digital Audio Dual/533 for free from a local computer store that new bunk about macs. What a BEAST! I regret selling that mac to this day. But I was hard up for tuition money at the time, so I had to get rid of everything aside from my trusty iBook/900.

    Long story short. Most of these lowerend G4's can really be found for pennies on the dollar from Criag's, eBay or even your local Mac User's Group. Another great option is the swap list over at I have personally made a fair share of purchases there over the years.


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