Product transition (earnings call) identified?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by Neodym, Jan 19, 2012.

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    In last years's earnings call Apple spoke of a product transition to be taking place in autumn which would possibly influence financial results negatively. Has this product transition already been identified (e.g. iPhone 4S, though i would not consider that a product transition that needs to be explicitly mentioned - and especially not one with a negative impact)? Because otherwise I think it would be about time for it to emerge, wouldn't it? Like Retina displays on a Mac or iPad or a completely redesigned iMac or Mac Pro (you knew I'd write that, didn't you? ;)

    I mean looking at the MR Buyer's Guide there is only one single product with a green status and five being overdue (with two of the latter being desktops). All rumors are pointing towards March-May for the next product release - could it be that Apple is still working on some yet unreleased product? I somehow can't imagine all the engineers taking so much time for mere spec bumps, neither can i imagine them just sitting on their hands doing nothing.

    Or is it merely wishful thinking on my part?
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    Apple's taken a lot of risks over the years that haven't panned out, and many that have (Cube Vs iPad come to mind). Whatever they build, you can bank that either it will be totally different than the other products, or it will replace other products. An xMac (a tower with PCIe bays and lots of upgrade potential) would almost certainly coincide with a phasing out of the Mac Pro and/or Mac Mini. There simply isn't enough room in Apple's microcosm for competition.

    Since the Mac Pro is pretty much as expandable as a Mac has ever been, if Apple releases another product, I would not expect it to share those features, and could even lead to a phase-out.

    Apple will crunch the math: If gaming is starting to look good for them, an xMac is going to be very successful and they'll probably replace the Mac Pro with a cheaper desktop box. If not, expect the product lines to remain the same.
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