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Apr 26, 2015
I have watched all episode of See, Morning Show, For All Mankind

2 of Dickinson also watched The Elephant Queen(loves it)and Snoopy.

I have enjoyed all the shows, Actually at the moment they are my favorite things on right now. Yes See is far fetched, but if you can suspend belief for a fantasy show(lol) and just sit back it is really good.

back to my reason for posting. If you like the shows or not the production quality
Of everything I have seen have been top tier. Sound and video Quality Have blown me away.

I never realized how much more engaged you will become when a show has production standards that low away almost everything else one currently. I often find myself pausing in places to visually take in the picture in front of me.

Also love the music of For all Mankind. Episode 4 at then end during the launch loved the choice of song playing. So cool you can hear a song then immediately tap onApple Music and have a song.

Edit- sorry for all the bad grammar and misspelled words. Using my phone to type
This and frankly I have fat fingers. Hit return instead of space bar all the time. Hence the weird cadence of my post.
Yeah I know took longer to post this update than to correct the post, but oh well. Sorry again 😂
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Apr 21, 2007
White Mntns, Arizona
I also find the production quality to be very high. I have 4K Dolby Vision / Dolby Atmos which really makes everything pop. I have thoroughly enjoyed Dickinson and For All Mankind so far. Just started watching See. Can’t wait for more new content.
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Jun 21, 2008
Cincinnati, USA
I appreciate the production quality too, and I agree that one becomes more engaged with a production of that caliber. Shows are visually stunning.

See is magnificent, I enjoy it a lot. Some people seem to forget that it's a fantasy/fiction show. It's pure entertainment, not real life events. My favorite show is The Morning Show. There's a good chemistry between Aniston and Whiterspoon. Maybe I will find sometime to watch Dickerson