Professional Photographer going nuts on iPad

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    Hi all,

    I am a professional photographer and I have a bunch of training video's that I want to put on my 128gb iPad.

    These are 64 video's in a folder called Lighting setups. 28 Video's in a folder called Makeup, 12 Video's in a folder called assignments, etc.

    Now when I sync these across using iTunes all the video's are jumbled up on the iPad and all are in the same "place", mixed up.

    Not only can I not see the whole title of the video but video's from all folders are arranged randomly in 1 "space" ? I'm going NUTS!

    How can I put these on the iPad using the folder structure they are in on the Mac? Or in any sort of a coherent structured way?

    All I'm seeing on the iPad are video options for Movies, TV shows, and Music video's????

    What about real work?

    Thanks for helping out.
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    The secret is In photos

    The way I do it, I set up folders for my videos in my photo albums folder on the PC. When I sync the ipad, on photos you select the option to sync videos. To access your videos on the ipad, you use the photos app and your folders with all your videos are in there. I actually prefer this method for syncing movies and videos because I can pinch to zoom in while I'm watching.

    Hope this helps.
  3. 835153 Guest

    Aug 5, 2013
    In iTunes select a video then press Command + i you can set various settings in there which will determine how and where the videos will appear i.e. movies, tv shows, etc.
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    Don't expect to have the same folder structure on your iPad by using the standard Apps. The only way to do it is by using a 3rd party app, like Files, and then use the app to copy the videos and create the folder structure you want. Remember, the iPad doesn't expose any file system to the user, so what you are seeing is normal. If you want to do stuff like that then I would suggest you get a proper computer.
    The iPad is great for many things but not serious work that involves any kind of file and folder structure..

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