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    Hey guys, so I just started doing some research on Art applications for the iPad, and I found A LOT of cool stuff. From day 1 that I bought my iPad I had a Zagg Original screen protector applied by Futureshop as part of their protection plan. It was an ok application... had a piece of dirt under it in 1 spot but no bubbles, thankful for that.

    Since that time, I've applied 3 Zagg screen protectors myself, (2 for gf Galaxy S3, 1 for friend iPad) and mine turned out absolutely perfect, just took the time I needed and it all turned out.

    So today I went out and bought a new Stylus (Adonit Jot Pro) and it is awesome! very sensitive and accurate, hard tip so no bulky spongey bleck! However the first time I tried it out, with the Zagg Original screen protector i felt for the first time just how Sludge like the protector is, absolutely crap.
    So I took it into FS and bartered with them, saying that I wanted a new protector (which they offer free of charge should the current one be damaged) and that I wanted the HD protector, which I know to be very smoooooth and glass like. They settled on that I would pay the difference between the HD and the original, about 10$
    Hand over my iPad and wait 20 mins while they apply it, get it back, covered and they tell me the speel, "Don't use it for 24 hours blah blah blah" So I haven't used it yet, but I uncovered it and...

    It looks like the guy dropped the protector on the freaking floor! there is dust and dirt and bubbles all over it, completely trash job. I'm going to take this back and make them replace it or better yet, make them give me another Zagg HD so I can replace it myself.

    Beware of the "professional" applicators or whatever they do. Might have grabbed the new guy and it was his first time who knows, still unacceptable. Do it yourself, do it slow and they'll last you along time :).

    So they were really good about it, the guy seemed happy to help and said that the job that whoever had done it was indeed crap. So I told him to take as long as he needed, that it was worth waiting for perfection and he took his time, turned out great to the naked eye.
    I go to turn it on some hours after and what do I see... Lol... but a single Futureshop red fiber in the middle of the screen under the protector. I just laughed.
    I'm going to deal with it though, it's soooo thin that you can really only see it when it's a white screen behind, and it's near the top so it won't bug me tooo much (I hope).
    I'm not crazy and the way I was treated was very pleasant. A single fibre on the screen won't kill me or hinder the stylus and not worth the 35$ protector they gave me as a replacement.
    Happy with the result, but next time I'm going to just do it myself. (Which was what I wanted, but to be covered 'under your plan' they have to apply it themselves, which I understand.)
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    Putting on a screen protector (Static cling or adhesive) is so easy. I don't get why people are scared of putting it on. For static cling you can basically take as many tries as you want with the help of a piece of tape (to lift it up and to take dust out). For adhesive the key is to use a lot of solution.
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    People who apply the protectors for you

    I had a Zagg concession employee install the HD on my iPad 2. It is a wet application and they use a compressed air can to remove dust particles. My screen was foggy for several days and it took almost 2 weeks for all the bubbles to disappear, so have patience my friend. It is clear, does not have the sticky sensation of their regular screen protectors and I think the price is worth it.

    I have attempted putting screen protectors, but dust control is a big problem in my environment at home and at work for whatever reason. Think it is microscopic dog hair that gets me in trouble!
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    I took it back today and they were very gracious about it, they had just the right guy in today and he gave me a refitted protector no charge or hassle.
    It wasn't just bubbles, it was tiny rocks, like sand size. They made a very clear bump on under the protector not to mention the dust under it.
    Either way, it's handled and I'm happy with my new sketch pad. Cheaper than getting a Wacom product at this point and hell of a lot more portable.
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    May 3, 2010
    in 5 years of iPhone use and 3 years of iPad use I've never seen a point to screen protectors. And my wife, who is very careless with her iPad, has never even had a scratch.
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    Feb 9, 2011
    If you're paying to have it applied it should be applied correctly.

    Lack of experience. Lack of skill/dexterity. Lack of patience, etc...

    Good for you. Plenty of others do see the point. If you don't see the point then why did you click on a screen protector thread? Move on to topics that you do see the point of. It's a subjective matter. Your anecdotal evidence really doesn't indicate any sort of larger overall trend. Plenty of people have scratched their screens regardless of whether you or or wife have or have not.
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    I'm not scared at all of doing it myself, it's just that "to be covered under your plan" they have to do it, and they gave me the HD protector for less than 10$ just because of that. If they would have let me walk out with it and let me spend the time on it I would have.
    I've applied 3 wet application protectors in the past few weeks without a hitch, I enjoy being meticulous.

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