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Dec 17, 2014
Hello, this is my first post here so please forgive me if I'm in the wrong forum. I work for a public radio station and I need a professional grade sound card for an iMac we recently purchased (late 2013 model, 32 GB memory, 3.5 Ghz Intel core i7 processor). We will use the iMac for production work (recording and producing material for on-air use), using the latest version of Adobe Audition. I don't need a lot of inputs, I only need one balanced XLR stereo input and one balanced XLR stereo output. Our budget is around $1,000. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.


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Apr 16, 2013

Check out the Focusrite hardware. Scarlett(USB) or Saffire(Thunderbolt / Firewire) range of products should fit the bill. However i don't think you are going to find alot of interfaces with Balanced XLR Outputs. More commonly they have TRS, but that should be fine going to your mixing equipment. Scarlett 2i2 should work fine for you.
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