Professionally mod Mac Pro Tower cases???


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Aug 22, 2006
I need to find a place that can mod a Mac Pro Tower case in two ways:

(a) mod a case to be as small as physically possible to take it on the road. We had a company mod out a G5 for this purpose and it works great, now we want to do it to a Mac Pro Tower but the other company isn't in business anymore.

(b) mod a tower case to fit into a 21 or 30in depth rack mount slot, hopefully not more BUs than required to save on rack space.

Sooooo anyone know a legitimate company that mods Mac towers? I'm on the West coast of the US, in CA so a local company would be sweet but not a requirement.



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Aug 30, 2003
ITASOR said:
For putting in a rack, why don't you just get an xserve?
There are no Intel Xserve machines yet, and they aren't starting up production until October.


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Feb 16, 2004
Fargo, ND
i thought i saw a place that did that a little while back... ill repost after i look and if i find it tommorow. how do you mean when you mean modding the case? (ie; how much shrunk, etc)


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Dec 27, 2004
jeez, just get out a dremmel and cut off the handles... lay it on it's side on a rack shelf. maybe even put in a couple of bolts to secure it and you're good to go.

professional... lol

furthermore... you won't be decreasing the width any, on account of the riser cards for the memory and the cpu heat sinks. so, there really isn't any point in persuing that.

the only fancier method would be tig welding rack ears onto the case itself.. that would required complete disassembly of the computer though. tig has a nasty emf pulse.


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Apr 28, 2004
kirah said:
We had a company mod out a G5 for this purpose and it works great
duh- what about calling them back?
or checking their website...etc

just a thought