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    Jun 25, 2011
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    OK, so I'm pretty new to Server, and just tinkering around
    But I've properly dug myself into a hole and need some help on this one please!

    Tinkering with Profile Manager on Lion Server to allow my kids network account access on both my iMac (ML) and my wife's MacBook (Lion) but setting up Parental Controls centrally on the server via Profile Manager

    Set the profiles up with time curfews, deny access to Sys Prefs etc, made them 'unremovable' profiles, and saved them to the 'children' group on the server. All OK and rolled out fine.

    However, accidentally manually downloaded the 'settings for children' profile to my own local user account (an admin account) on the iMac, and now can't access Sys Prefs to delete it, nor will Sys Prefs let me manually download an updated profile with the restrictions removed.

    Cue lots of swearing.

    Any advice on how to get myself out of this embarrassing hole much appreciated!

    I've configured my wife's network account as an admin account on the iMac, and it's not lumbered with the same 'settings for children' profile, so if there's a way of using that account to remove the profile from mine, would be the easiest I guess - just don't know how to do it...!



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    Jun 25, 2011
    Carlisle, Cumbria, UK

    Thanks for your help - and an interesting post you referred to, I can empathise with the frustrations of the OP in that situation.

    I fixed the problem a couple of days ago, after much sweating and frustration
    Ended up logging into my wife's network account, which I'd set up as an admin account on the iMac.

    From there, I worked out where to find the text files that comprise the 'profile' that I'd accidentally installed.
    They're in ~Library\Managed Preferences\username.

    I deleted all the .plist files there and then logged back into my account WITHOUT restarting (seemed not to work the first time after a re-start) and my access to System Preferences was restored, enabling me to remove the rest of the profile I'd installed accidentally.

    Bit stupid to have got into this mess in the first place - embarrassing - but I got out of it in the end.

    Happy Days :)


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