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    Sep 20, 2011
    Hello fellow Mac users, I am producing video for my grandmother(a retired professor). we are creating public interest movies for the parents of special needs children. I think I have the movie production worked cut pro with its feature to sync external sound files...but we would like to also create some written material. These documents would be image intensive, lots of pictures of children and graphs. I'm looking for a writing program which can place text anywhere, something like keynote, but for documents. It needs to export to PDF. I have scrivener, mellel, and am ok in LaTeX, but would prefer to use a WYSIWYG.

    Is Pages the solution(I haven't bought it yet)? Does anyone have experience with Adobe InDesign? It is expensive, but I think I could justify the cost if it was really great.

    I want the output to look professional. I consider myself technologically saavy(I'm a CS grad), so learning new software isn't too terrifying to me.

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    May 16, 2008
    I usually do projects like this in MS Word or Powerpoint.

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