program to arrange jpg's on a page?

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by viskosity, Dec 29, 2011.

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    Hola -

    I find I have the need to print out a clip art collection of about 450 images, all different sizes but none bigger than 5x7. I refuse to waste 450 pieces of paper printing each individually since the images are so small, but I do NOT have time to arrange all of these images onto there a program out there that can help with this? Examine the size of images and arrange them efficiently for printing? or something? please say yes that would make my life so much better.
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    You can do that in iPhoto. Select the photos in iPhoto, File > Print, on the left, select "Contact Sheet" then customize. You can then arrange how many sheets par page and what size page.
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    thanks for the suggestions! i didn't know about either of those tactics, so hurray for learning something new..

    ....however that's not quite what i'm looking for this time. i need to print these images full size, not thumbnails. i've done a lot of searching and don't think it exists, but what i was hoping for was a program that would take the jpgs and, based only on the size of the jpg, arrange them like a puzzle on the page to maximize space. these jpgs are going to be cut out and used in something like a collage, so orientation on the page doesn't matter to me.

    like i said it probably doesn't exist, just thought i'd try asking since every other dumb wish i've ever had has already been made into a program :)

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    Are you using a Mac? Are you running Lion?

    When would you need this application by?

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