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Discussion in 'macOS' started by arjen92, Jun 19, 2009.

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    The problem is as follows, I updated some mac's in a company. When I looked into the history of safari I saw a lot of game sites and socialnetworking sites as "most visited sites". They are aloud to play games etc in their pauses. But not in work time ofcourse.
    So I wondered is there a program or function built into mac os x so I can see what they are doing on their mac/so I can see the desktop.
    I know there's the option to control the screen from a distance, but I just want to watch.
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    Just clarifying here: you are required by law to tell them that you will be monitoring them.

    Apple Remote Desktop would work best, probably.
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    Is that even legal? Try motivating your workers through other means than forcing them. I don't know which kind of company that is, but I usually like to take breaks when it fits me and I have my work done, and not at a set time.
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    You'd be better off monitoring network traffic and looking for certain things. VNC has "just watch" functionality, but they'll likely know when you're viewing them. You could also set filtering on the network to block certain types of sites.
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    I don't think the company is required by law to tell the employees anything. As far as I know, if you are using the company's equipment, especially on company time, they can monitor your surfing, your email, your phone calls, anything, without saying a word to you about it. I wish it weren't true, but I think it is. Any lawyers out there?
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    That certainly isn't true in the UK, not sure about the USA.
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    I believe that since about a year ago it is legal in US for employers to use a software that tracks visited websites and even to save what employees are writing on their keyboards!
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    Since the employees are allowed some "goof off" time, but still have required working periods, wouldn't the easy thing to do be to create managed user profiles and set Parental Controls for the apps in question?

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