Programmers: lend your talents to the Mac Media Center proje...


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Mar 11, 2004
took them long, what, 4 days ? haha

i cant wait to see this project actually happen. even if it were to come out in beta, id have to run out and get a mini

on the other hand thow, there have been alot of articles on how the mini will be used as a media center by many...

you would think, apple released this not only to enter into the low end market, but to see how a apple media center would do.

i wouldnt doubt apple is working on a MMC of thier own.



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Sep 20, 2003
I think this could actually mean expansion into the in-car Mac niche. If they have a suitable frontend for a "Media Centre" (nodd to our euro brothers ;) ) they could use the same techniques for an in-car computer.

I know with the widget intergration you could have a rather custom and sweet looking iTunes interface for your car.

Anyone know if voice commands work with iTunes?


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May 2, 2002
A Mac Mini in a car better have some serious self-powered heating and cooling system! Not to mention its very own waterbed for shock protection! :eek:

Or maybe it could stand the extremes if the HD were replaced by a RAID of flash chips?

Anyway, I bet the project will draw an upsurge of interest from the Windows switcher DIY crowd too! Might even draw some new people into programming Mac software :)

EDIT: Yes, OS X voice commands can trigger AppleScripts, and iTunes is controllable that way. (Better yet, maybe, with Automator in Tiger.) Unless the music interferes :)

I see no iTunes voice control scripts ready-to-go in Panther. But wow, Address Book is sure loaded with voice control!
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