programming function keys for multiple key stroke sequence.

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    Mar 2, 2008

    I'm an ASP programmer and a switcher.

    I use TextWrangler + CyberDuck + Safari for web development.
    I like them all and by using TextPander, I am in pretty good shape.

    Here is my question. It has to do with "productivity".

    Every time, I want to see the web result of my last update at TextWrangler, I need go thru the following sequence.

    TextWrangler,Cyberduck and Safari open,. And I'm in TextWrangler and I jusdt edit the file which I downloaded by Cyberduck and opened up with TextWrangler.

    1) do "commad S" ( this saves the file into textWrangler: and in return tells cyberduck to upload the file back to where it was downloaded from )
    2) do "command tab" ( this puts the focus back to Safari. )
    3) do "F5" ( I programmed the F5 to perform a Reload at Safari )

    Is it possible to do program the above sequence to a function key?

    So, while I'm at TextWrangler screen, I hit that function key and
    command s
    command tab
    F5 is performed one after the other.

    You'd save a lot of time if you could help me figure this out.
    Thanks a lot.

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    Mar 2, 2008

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