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    The being developed technologies, such as cloud storage and mobility provided new solutions to make life and work better. Planning was sometimes a matter troubled the users to manage multiple projects, to communicate and collaborate with their customers and team members, to present and report project status; Which was also a big challenge for application vendors to design a plan maintenance and collaboration application on movable device to help users to utilize time well. QuickPlan( and Box cloud service bring easy plan maintenance and collaboration experiences on iPad.

    High effective project plan maintenance

    Plan is time-consuming work, especially on iPad as more information should be input (typed) into the application. There are many project plan applications on PC, simply copying the functions of PC applications without better usability design will help your reading on movable devices, but which isn't able to benefit you keeping high work effeciency and utilizing time well.

    Touch style operation is the revelotion to the design on touchable devices. QuickPlan helps you to achieve very high planning efficiency on iPad using the advantage of touching, to get higher maintenance speed on iPad compare to on PC. By reducing the slow operations of typing and switching between multiple levels of menus, Gestures are used to control task outline level, task time, task sequence, plan start time and etc. Also gestures are used to help on task operations such as to focus/switch, zoom and pan, centralize tasks and to easily call the funtions of task creation, updating and removing.

    Tasks can also be batch input into plan by batch task inputing, batch task paste and batch tasks importing from existing plan and Microsoft Project Plan file(in xml format) via Box cloud storage.


    Easy Communication

    For the importance of plan communicating, multiple exporting options should be included to share, present the plan and report the status to your customers, team members and managers. QuickPlan can export export plan data as image, Microsoft Project Plan(in xml format) and Microsoft Excel(in csv format) files for communication and future work, which can be shared and exported via Email, iTunes, Photo Album, Facebook and Box cloud storage.


    Strong Collaboration

    Box cloud helps users and application with convenient and easy to integrated collaboration functions, QuickPlan uses Box cloud for you to sync plan content with peoples and on multiple iPads, you can easily export plan data to Box as Microsoft Project Plan files, also you can import plan tasks created by QuickPlan and Microsoft Project from Box.

    • Keep team in sync by storing, accessing and sharing plan data internally or externally, such as Gantt chart diagram image, Microsoft Project Plan and Excel files.
    • Link with your work by importing/exporting plans from/to Microsoft Project via Box
    • Enable the same content to be accessed in multiple devices(iPads) by exporting/importing plan data to/from Box.
    • Prepare project WBS to text file and store at Box, share and update(with team), then import to QuickPlan easily for quick user experience.


    QuickPlan feature video will show more about how QuickPlan and Box cloud makes the innovation, you can watch it at QuickPlan 1.3 (what's new video is at is available at Appstore(, which got average 4+ rate with 60+ customer reviews at the last month. You can get more information from

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