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    Gteatings, I am Ewa and after more than two years, I'm excited and grateful for the chance to make app for people who need help in the home and for people who want do that. It's been my work and hobby to connect people and I know how it works. Mobile technology can be good oportunity for local workers.


    Our online platform merely connect people who want to provide these services with people who want to pay for them. The idea of posting or finding jobs online isn’t new but we want to do this in the simply way We all now hold powerful phones and tablets in our hands that allow us to fix TCEM launched work in summer 2014.

    We allowing users to easily find people for help. We don't have private investment, so without you, this project simply won't happen. But if our Kickstarter campaign is successfully funded, we are confident that we can launch the service by the end of march 2015. And remember; it's all or nothing. Kickstarter will only deduct funds from your account if we meet our funding goal. We are therefore asking for your help to fund the project and to finally make our dream a reality!

    Our team want to build amazing and beautiful iOS and Android apps. We are a team that believes in writing quality code that adds real value to our customers. We want to build native iOS applications and Android apps and the services to support them in the cloud, such as an account system, APIs and payment gateway integrations.


    TCEM will:

    - help workers find people who need help,

    - help customers find out more about local workers and if it's available, order it instantly.

    TCEM will be a smartphone app that allows users to connect people, in a few simple taps.

    App Benefits & Features


    1. Search for work/workers using the search function,

    2. search by destination, reference,

    3. searching use a GPS function to automatically find other users in your area!


    1. the browse screen allows you to view your potential customers and for

    customers to view potential workers,

    2. click a potential person to view their profile,

    3. use the button to order a task,

    4. give the details of your order,

    5. you will be sent a notification when someone wants to match with you.

    It is the biggest challenge for us. Please share our campaign, and feel free to ask us any questions you might have.
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