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    Thanks for taking the time to help

    I am looking for a portable projector to connect to a MBP/MBA/iPad3.
    I essentially want it for numerous reasons

    1) Work - giving keynote/powerpoint presentations
    2) Home - Ideally something that can play video/slideshows
    3) Wedding - Connect it to one of the devices to play photos of me and the futures Mrs Burrows at our upcoming wedding

    Ideally I want a micro style projector that is very portable and not one that needs its own bag to carry it in etc.

    I have tried to search the forums for information but to no luck. I have also googled them but am looking for real world experience with them.

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    Projector suggestions

    i understand that you are looking for a pico projector, but before you buy one please consider the following suggestions:

    1. it must be LED it has longer lamp life cycle approx. 30,000 hours and they are very durable.
    2. Brightness must be 200 lumens and up stay away from pico projectors that has 30-50 lumens of brightness. (pico projectors are very portable but the brightness is obviously a joke)
    3. Stay away from H4 type DLP Projectors they are a thing from the past.(lamp can only last for only 5000 hours)
    4. if your holding a projector that has a direct usb multimedia access its new, this means that it can project images even if your projector is not attach to a computer. (via usb thumb drive)

    I'm currently using Acer K11 LED Portable Projector with 200 lumens for 2 years now and we've been using it for 12 hours daily inside our class. No issues whatsoever its very durable. However were are still looking for LED projectors that has higher lumens in it.

    If your convince with that brand its okay, please check out this new ones before you decide. if you can find a pico projector that has 300 or more lumens, that will be the one for you.
    portable projector on the other hand is not that big at all. please check for their dimensions on the product website.

    ACER K130 (LED 300 lumens)
    ACER K330 (LED 500 lumens)
    Samsung SP410M it only has 170 lumens but i read some great reviews about this model.

    I hope this will help you.


    Actual Demo: see for yourself

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