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    Apr 21, 2011
    !! NOW AVILABLE UPDATE Ver. 3.0 !!

    <<What's New Ver. 3.0>>
    -Added many Template (29 template)
    -Added particle's texture template.
    -Added function with code auto making system.
    -Added attribute spin.
    CAUTION : Spin attribute is avilable in +cocos2d 1.0.0 rc2

    Using Particle Creator you can easily produce particle effects for use in COCOS2D games. If you use particle effects you how many variable it can take to get what your looking for. It is very slow and time consuming work. ParticleCreator is a graphical tool to help quickly produce the effect you are looking for. Just set values and save, then add to your projects resource folder


    CCParticleSystem *particle=[[CCParticleSystemQuad alloc]]initWithFile:mad:"particlefile.plist"];
    [self addChild:particle];

    Localization : English Ver. / 한국어버전

    1. Auto making cocos2d code.
    2. Many Particle template.
    3. Many Particle Texture template.
    4. iPhone resolution/iPad resolution
    5. changeable device orientation
    6. provide base particle template.
    7. full screen mode
    8. various action test
    9. image & backgroundcolor test
    10. share file with friend

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