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Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by Alchematron, Sep 26, 2014.

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    Until Apple adds a notification light to the iPhone, heres a desktop solution called the Prompt by Incipio

    Really baffles me why Apple does not offer a notification light. Numerous times I have missed important calls, texts, and emails. And when I am expecting one, I have to constantly keep turning on the power button to see what I may have missed. Sound and vibrate notification does not always work. Geez, my flip phone from 2001 had a notification light that was super handy!


    The Prompt™ Visual Notification Pod is a desktop tool that delivers your mobile device notifications at a glance. Customized to the user, Prompt™ uses multi-colored glowing lights to communicate your emails, text messages, calendar appointments, incoming calls, and more. Use within 33 feet of your device to receive a notification visually without having to pull out your mobile device. Experience ultimate convenience while saving time and battery life with the Prompt™ Visual Notification Pod.
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    settings -> general -> accessibility -> under "hearing", there's an option for LED flash for alerts
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    This is for if you've missed the original alert

    Edit:: I've noticed a lot of people here have no idea how useful a missed notification led is. They always think people are talking about original, no missed, alerts
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    ah ok, gotcha!

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