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    A company I work for will routinely send me messages encrypted by Proofpoint Encryption when they need to send me an attachment. I use Apple Mail and these messages refuse to load. When you click on the message it directs you to open them as a webpage.

    If I do this in Safari it loads a page and you have to login to read the message. Doing so crashes Safari. It gets a beachball and Activity Monitor shows it just eating memory (I've let it get to 4GB before I killed it one). If I open the page in Firefox I can login in successfully but the message has problems. None of the buttons work right. I can't access the attachment or do anything, just read the text.

    I've been a Mac user for 5 years and this is the first time I've ever come across something I honestly can't do that works without a problem on a PC.
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    You may want to talk with your IT department...
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    My bank client uses that same feature. Follow THESE instructions, except reverse Safari and Firefox. (Install Firefox first :) ) For the server, put your company proofpoint server as the address.

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