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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by littlewaywelt, Jan 2, 2008.

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    I have a total newb directory type question.

    The apple store did my data transfer and I seemingly have the same video files stored in multiple locations. Where do I put media files? On the video icon in Finder? In iTunes? I'm completely confused as to how Mac's hierarchy is setup.

    The Frontrow media program shows file names but then lists them as file not found when I click on them. I also have a few files showing up that I can't seem to locate or delete, even using spotlight.

    I fear I'm making a greater mess moving the files around.
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    Everyone has a different method of storing media, but the usual process is to put the files in their respective locations. Movies should go in the movie folder which is accessible from the Movie shortcut in the Finder. Pictures and Music should also go in their folders.

    Front Row makes it easy to access movies stored in the iTunes library, but it can also open media stored in the Movie folder. It is likely that in your iTunes preferences, you have set "copy media to folder". This will create duplicates of your music and videos when you import the media into the iTunes library.

    For Front Row not finding the files, check your iTunes library. If you find them in the library but cannot open them, you know they have been moved.
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    File management is down to personal preference but supporting a plethora of Mac users I have to admit it is nice when people don't use the Trash to store files they are currently working on!

    Just a small point worth mentioning…

    Applications like iTunes will by default organise any media you import in your iTunes Music folder, typically located in "~/Music/iTunes/."

    When in iTunes right click a song and click Show in Finder. In the Finder window that pops up command-click the folder name right atop the window.

    You should see a contextual menu pop up with the path from the root of your hard disk drive (HDD) to the current folder.

    If you find music is located somewhere other than the iTunes folder you might want to think about letting iTunes organise your media in order to prevent accidentally deleting content and to help Front Row to display album artwork etc.

    I keep things in the respective folders in my home directory because I find it easiest. I also endeavour not to create too many extra folders in my home folder as it's nice to keep your home organised!

    I stick movies in to iTunes if QuickTime is happy playing them; otherwise I tend to just leave them in my Movies folder.

    Ultimately, what's important is that you know where your data is and that you use Spotlight to find it when you forget! ;)

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