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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by arjen92, Jun 21, 2010.

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    I was asked to film a wedding. So I decided to hire the sony ZE1 and film the entire wedding in HD. I'm in the Netherlands so I figured I should use 1080i at 50 Hz (so I'm filming in PAL), recording HDV on mini DV. This is ok, right?

    The manual says it uses 18 dB for high gain, 9 dB for middle gain and 0 dB for low gain. I'm also hiring a camera lamp PAG C6. So what do you think should be the most gain I should use. What will give me the best result, enough light but also not to much grain. I understand 0 dB is the best, but what would be acceptable if I would use gain?

    Maybe you can also tell me what a perfect picture profile should be (but I can imagine that will take to much to think of a good picture profile for some stranger on the internet).

    About the sound, I hired the MKH 416. I believe I have to attach the microphone (pretty obvious) and then set it to channel 1, and turn the phantom power on. Do you guys think I should adjust the level myself or set it to automatic. I'm no sound guy and don't know a lot about it. So should I use common sense and set it myself or should I let the device make the choice?

    Also they're in a church, so I was thinking about laying a line from the sound table from the church to my camera and into input 2. Then put the settings on; input two to channel two and no phantom power. That should do it right? Again, automatic or manual?

    BTW should I turn trim and wind reducer on? Or would that mess up the sound?

    Also, do you think it's better to set the viewfinder to black and white? I also have my small camcorder with full color (because it can only show full color).

    I was really wondering how my FCP settings should be. I have FCP 7 (FCS 3).

    When I open the "log and capture" window and go to capture settings, the settings are as following: "Device control: Firewire PAL" and "Capture/Input: DV PAL 48 KHz Anamorphic". But I'm quite sure these settings aren't correct. What should they be so I can get the HD material on my mac. It doesn't have to be in prores. HDV is okay (when that's possible).

    Thank you for the time reading this.


    I have searched the internet for the proper settings. I can tell you what I have now, but let's just say I did what this guide told me to:
    The only difference is that I use for the "sequence preset: HDV - 1080i50". Now I also can't choose what import settings I want in the "log and capture" window. I think that's how it should be.
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    Can you visit the location ahead of time and film some with the lighting conditions you'll have on the wedding day? I'd at least try this first.
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    To do it properly you'd need to visit the venue when it's lit as it will be for the ceremony and take light readings for the areas you need correctly exposed.

    Auto is far from ideal and will need some treatment in post but if you haven't a clue what you're doing it's your best bet.

    What is this capturing?

    Are the clients expecting you to have captured their vows in pristine clarity? If that's the case a 416 won't be of any use. You'd need something like a non-shotgun hypercardioid in close proximity to their mouths.

    Not to be rude but your clients know you're new to this and will almost definitely miss things and make mistakes, right? I would really suggest you shadow someone who does this for a living before having a crack yourself.

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