proper way to transfer itunes music?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by boynigel, Jul 16, 2012.

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    my main computer is an intel imac running snow leopard. i recently bought a mac mini running lion for the "family" computer. i wanted to put all of my itunes music from my imac into the mini via an external hard drive. after loading all the music into the mini, i keep getting an error message stating that "the original file could not be found", so obviously i did something wrong. i've done this before w/other macs w/no issues. not sure what happened here, but could someone enlighten me on the proper way to do this? thanks!
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    You need to tell your mac mini where your new files are.

    Open itunes. Select one track. Press command + a. Press command + delete. ( you shouldn't be asked if you want to delete, because itunes doen't know where the files are)
    Open up itunes preferences > advanced. Direct itunes to moved music files. Untick "copy files to itunes media". In itunes press command and o. Point to your moved music files.
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    when you say, "press command + a", do you mean "and" when you use the "+" key, or do you literally mean the "+ key" on the keyboard?

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