Properly Ripping & Encoding w/ H.264 Tutorial

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  1. czeluff macrumors 6502

    Oct 23, 2006
    (The following is something I typed up in another post. After verifying that my method works...well, for ME at least, I decided to make this a separate post. There are alot of people that are frustrated. Here's my solution. It's not the easiest, but it works for me).

    If you can't get MTR to rip the DVD properly, there are a couple of options:

    1a. Get the MTR Beta; unfortunately it's buggy and it costs money to get into the beta program, but it cracks all the dvds that the free MTR can't (so far, at least).
    1b. Use Handbrake.


    2a. Make a BootCamp partition of about 25gb or so.
    2b. Use DVDShrink to rip the disk, then save it as an ISO. Do this with about 4 or 5 movies (hence, the reason I chose to make the XP Partition so big. The bigger it is, the more you can do at once).
    2c. Flip back into OS X. You should see the Boot Camp partition on the Desktop. Locate the .iso files and cut/paste them from Windows to OSX.
    2d. Launch Handbrake, and use the proper settings (H.264, select the destination folder, etc). Queue up your 4-5 movies.
    2e. Goto sleep
    2f. Wake up, test your videos, and if they work, delete the .iso files since they're taking up useless space.

    Is that an ok solution?!?!

    p.s. Handbrake for Windows DOES NOT always work, which is why I use the Mac version. Plus, it's faster.

    p.s.s. is my email. feel free to send any questions/comments
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    Mar 6, 2006
    For me...the queue doesn't seem to work. It just puts the same thing you're working on in the queue. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

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