iPhone properly stuck in dfu loop.

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    Aug 6, 2014

    So I have this iphone 4 that had a cracked screen and a broke home button that I was trying to recover my data off. It was working alright but the data recovery software wanted me to put the phone into dfu mode. I obviously couldn't do that because the home button was broke. So I followed this


    Problem is that I just grabbed any old firmware, 7. Something thinking this phones knacked I just want my data back.

    So that process seemed to work my phone appears to be in dfu mode, black screen, itunes thinks its in recovery mode and dfu drivers are being used. But the recovery software craps out because seemingly its either not in dfu or its rebooting every now and then.

    Also cant use the itunes restore it offers because that errors out with 2002. Like the phones disconnected have way though.

    So I have now replaced both the screen and the home button but still cant get the phone to work.

    Ive tried all the combinations of holding buttons and various bits of software that offer exiting recovery/dfu mode. None of them work. I can't seem tp use redsnow either because it wants me to turn the phone off before I can hit next and.. I cant seem to turn it off because it just turns back on..?

    Anyone have any idea what I should do? Should I try and re-do the firmware with shift restore but what firmware should I use for an iphone 4?
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    The only firmware that you can currently install is iOS 7.1.2. You can download the file and then use the shift-click restore in iTunes or you can simply click restore and iTunes should download the correct firmware file for you.
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