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May 24, 2009
1. 5G is insane! Speeds are faster than my Wifi. Love it, I'm looking to upgrade to unlimited data so I don't have to worry about data caps :)
2. Design looks sleek as hell, this is a personal preference though. I like the look better than the curved sides... IMO.
3. Feels more premium, again personal taste, but it feels great to hold in the hand.

1. Swiping up doesn't feel as good anymore. I think because it's not curved, the swiping motion feels rigid -- it's weird, you got to try it. I don't like it as much. Minor inconvenience.
2. Bezels are HUGE - phone looks outdated from the front. I can't wait for the next phone which is not a good thing. But I see they can and should improve upon this. Notch doesn't and never did bother me.
3. Coming from iPhone X to iPhone 12 pro there just isn't enough that's changed...
a. The screen looks no different​
b. Viewing from the front looks no different​
c. The speed is no different (phone speed, not internet speed).​
4. Is it just me?? Or does the screen feel different? My iPhone X feels better to swipe and move my finger around. The iPhone 12 pro feels a bit more sticky (bad word I suppose), but it feels different and I don't quite like it as much. Maybe it's just new.. hard to say, but anyone else feel the same way?

I felt like I should have waited another year, but I waited from iPhone X till now and I'm usually a guy that buys the new tech each year. I'm somewhat disappointed. I'll keep it mainly cause of the 5G improvement -- I would have preferred the faster screen refresh rate though.

Sam in SoCal

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Oct 13, 2019
I think that everyone needs a little bit more time and usage before they come to final conclusions. After all, the phone has only been out for a day or so. I like the new design and I prefer QUALCOMM modems over Intel so 5G aside we should have better LTE connectivity. I have my phone set to LTE only. From all the leaked information we have about the next iPhone we should see a lot of good improvements. So my way of thinking this phone is just a placeholder until the next one LOL
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Sep 21, 2012
In the middle of several books.
I have previous experience with the new design via iPhone 4s, 5 and SE. It will be like going back home when I get my mini.

The feel of the screen will be different than your X, as the new screen is Ceramic.

I am not hung up on the phone being a fashion statement as many here are. As long as it does what I need and want it to do consistently, I asm happy.
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