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    So, I bought my 5s 32gb with AT&T's Next plan to upgrade every year. So to make sure I have a phone to trade in after 12 months, I'll need a good protection plan.

    Two choices:
    • AT&T's Protection Plan: $10 a month, $199 deductible
    • AppleCare+: $99 ($5 a month for 2 years), $79 deductible (Limit 2)

    Pros: Includes Lost & Stolen
    Cons: $120 yearly cost + $199 deductible

    Pros: Pro-rated refunds, $79 deductible, $99 upfront, but 2 years.
    Cons: Does not include lost or stolen

    If I plan to trade in the phone after 12 months, then Apple might be the better choice. While it is $99 upfront, you can get a pro-rated refund to put towards your new phone, so you end up spending half or less than AT&T's plan after 12 months. If you plan to keep the phone longer, AppleCare+ still covers you for the next year, while AT&T you keep paying.

    So, anyone else looking to get insurance or protection for the first time? Be it for making sure you have something to turn in for AT&T next after 12 months, or just so you can enjoy it without a case worry free?

    Side note:
    Regarding Next possibly costing more, I've run numbers and I find it agreeable for the convenience. I don't mind paying $384 slowly over a year for the option to trade it in after 12 months to get the iPhone 6, instead of $299 up front and waiting 24 months, or having to sell it after 12 to put towards the $550 (32gb) early upgrade. After 24 months, I'd of had the 5s, 6, then a new 6s for only $768. If I choose to keep it for 20 months, or pay off early and be contract free, you only pay $640 for the 5s 32gb, retail is $750. I don't know how early you can pay it off, but technically, it's a way to buy it for $110 less.


    Might go with the $89 SquareTrade deal, they also offer pro-rated refunds, smaller $49.99 deductible, and the option to be reimbursed to use an Apple store for repair .

    Found out about it in this thread:
    iPhone 5S, AppleCare+ or Squaretrade?
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    Aug 7, 2013
    Att next plan is the best option. You can pay the phone off in total after 30 days for 640.00 so essentially you are saving 110.00 off retail and also 36.00 activation fee since with att next they waive that. I'm surprised more people aren't taking advantage of this. After 12 months you owe 256 after paying 384 so you pay 284 and the phone is yours and you can resell for 4-500. Also att mobile protect is only 6.99 for basic monthly plan.

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