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    Dec 25, 2008
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    I know this has probably been discussed 1 million times but I'm newbie MBP owner. Is there a perfect case to protect the shell? I have seen the speck clear and various hard plastic cases, invisi shields, and other stuff. I like the idea of the clear shell, but my wife used something similar on her cell phone and it scratched it pretty good. I don't mean to sound OCD but I'd like to keep it in pristine shape. Do they have silicone skins like they do for cell phones? does otter box make anything?

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    Dec 26, 2008
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    Which MBP do you have? the New Unibody or the older one from before September 08? im guessing its the new one as you say your a new owner, in which case i would recommend the
    DSI MacBook Pro Rubber coating Cover Case Black
    (Amazon Link)
    Its the case i use and its like a rubber skin on your macbook, you can of course get loads of colours, your right about hard cases, little bits can get inside and cause havoc with scratches etc and also MBP's are notorious for overheating so having a skin helps the headsyncing, another thing is that hard cases add volume if your really picky about that but i dont really care :)

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