Protective Case for work/Naked(full body) when not working

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by mpossoff, Oct 5, 2012.

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    The line of work I'm in need a somewhat protective case because of potential bumps. However after work and on the weekends I would like to go naked or use a slim case.

    The issue is I have full body Ghost Armor and would need a protective case that that would work with full body protection.

    What I currently do with my iPhone 5 at work is leave my iPhone in my work vehicle because right now I'm naked and want to protect my iPhone.

    I like the Defender but I'm not sure it would work with full body Ghost Armor. If it does I don't like the rear camera not being protected. I'm not worried about the front screen too much because in the Defender clip it would be faced in.

    So any suggestions?
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    man i saw the title of your thread and was really hoping that you got some great advice as I was about to post a very similar thread...

    Im a stevedore (I work on the massive cargo ships at the ports), and needless to say, protection is important. I have the Otterbox defender, and I don't really like it. 1), and it may be a slightly defective case, but the phone slides around a little when pushing from the top or bottom (plugging, unplugging the dock cover, etc.), and 2) it's really a pain to type...sensitivity is also an issue overall with the gap between the screen protector and the screen, and 3) moisture builds up on the camera and speaker/isight area while in my pocket.

    Looking into a ZAGG extreme or Ghost armor although i don't know much about the latter, and keeping it in the bag i bring on to the ship.

    Ideally I'd like something lower profile but really tough, and even really water resistant. I guess I'll wait for the lifeproof unless there are other alternatives that Im unaware of.
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    Otterbox Commuter. It has plenty of room when you need to bring it around the phone for installation (Which prevents pulling a skin off, or grinding dirt into the aluminum):



    And When you install the outer plastic shell, the rubber is firmly in place:


    The Defender IME collects a ton of dust, the Commuter does not.

    Also, it's not disgustingly thick:

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  5. mpossoff, Oct 7, 2012
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    You're a stevedore so you're out in the elements for long periods of time depending in the gig you have.

    I'm thinking maybe a Life Proof case for both of us. But with the LP it's pretty much a permanent case which I don't want. But still considering it. I like my iPhone naked or with a very slim case when I'm not working. At the least if I had the LP I would take my iPhone out when I get home Friday afternoon and put it back into LP Monday
    morning before I leave for work. I'm not sure you can keep doing that with the LP without loosing it's waterproof-ness. I think I read it's 50 times. If that's the case I might consider it. I'll wait until AT&T gets the LP because I get 50% off accessories. That means if I take iPhone out once a week that would mean I would need a new LP once a year. So it will cost me $40 for a LP case a year. I can live with that.

    BUT now it's an issue with my full body Ghost Armor with the Life Proof! Ugh!

    The Commuter is sort of slippery to me in the hand. I like the idea of the Commuter because you can take out iPhone somewhat easily and you can use a screen protector. I tried the Defender but my iPhone wouldn't fit because I have full body Ghost Armor. Even if my iPhone would fit in Defender I'm not sure the screen response would be good because of having a screen shield already installed.

    I guess I'm looking for the ultimate case for my situation which doesn't seem available.

    Protective case that I can rock when I'm working that would take full body protection. Then be able to switch out naked and/or slim case when I'm not working.

    Maybe something with a clip that covers the rear camera that I can be confident it will protect my iPhone 5 from bumps and some dust. I'm not too worried about the front screen because in a clip it will be facing in. I would prefer not to leave my iPhone in a pouch in my work vehicle when I'm working and out of the vehicle, although I'm not out of my work vehicle for long periods of time, maybe like 15 minutes. I just don't like checking my iPhone everytime I get back into the vehicle for texts and/missed calls. If I had my iPhone on me I could here a call or text and can take a peak and can either answer or wait.

    When I get home and take a shower and on the weekends I like my iPhone with no case or a very slim case.

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