Protective light case with grip-friendly shaped back (no strap or handle)?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by anthrovisual, May 21, 2012.

  1. anthrovisual, May 21, 2012
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    I have had some problems with holding the iPad for extended periods of time, trying different grips and such but eventually my fingers get crampy being flush against the back (and resting the corner into my palm isn't very comfortable either over time).

    Since I primarily use my iPad in hand I have been considering a case that is easier to hold for long periods of time. I have seen various cases with straps and handles but prefer to hold the iPad on the side like a clipboard (so um, I guess the grip you use when picking it up? Not sure how to describe it, the thumb against the bezel and the fingers wrapped against the back).

    The Origo is one of the few cases that conforms to the shape of the hand but I wanted to hear what others have used or would recommend (particularly since the Origo seems kind of heavy; Moshi emailed me that it is .41 lbs).

    I have searched for other cases that have some sort of backing with grip in mind: the Incipio Hive, but that is formed for landscape use, and the iSkin solo Smart has a little edge to grip but it is not much.

    I feel like these types of cases saw light during iPad 1 but have been replaced by folio and Smart Cover cases.


    I also just found the Griffin Airstrap which turns out has contoured edges in addition to the strap (the contoured edges being my main criteria. I am emailing griffin now for dimensions and weight but this might be a good option.

    I have also found the Speck Handyshell that has a ridge for gripping as well as a handle/stand, but again I wasn't looking for a case with a handle instead of being light.

    There is also the Coolous Softshell has might be better to hold, but I'm not sure how good the grip is on the back.

    I take it I'm the only guy looking for this kind of case so I'll just continue talking to myself.
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    Jun 25, 2012
    I'm looking for a handle too!

    You're not talking to yourself anthrovisual... :)

    I've been looking for a particular strap that I saw on an iPad a few months ago and it seems you might have put me on to the one I like. I saw this one being used - - and it looked really great. The person using it thought it was comfy too, but didn't know where it came from as the iPad was a work one and the handle came with it, so thanks for putting that one up.

    Here's reviews of several... and also

    There are a couple more... the glove looks quite good here - oops, can't find it again :mad:... will do another search. Should bookmark all of them not just some! grrr

    (Added note: Here's that other one that I was looking for and might work -


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